Writing (and music and movie) related links

I’ve mentioned my love for Ballantine Books’ adult fantasy line before. Here’s a discussion of their impact on the genre. Which gives me a reason to repost some of their great covers.An argument why “it’s a black Harry Potter” is not the thing to say about black authors’ works, because they’re not just black versions of white people’s books. Oh, and don’t just turn classic white characters black on covers to celebrate black history month.

One company distributes almost all American CDs. This has proven a bad thing.

Along with major problems for civilian newspapers, the Pentagon has stripped the military newspaper Stars and Stripes of funding. No surprise: I doubt it builds careers like managing splashy tech projects, and it doesn’t lead to gigs with defense contractors after retirement. Not that I’m cynical.

Disney dominates the movie world with its grip on its own output, Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel. But is it really a juggernaut?

A trio of execs from Valiant (which publishes Archer and Armstrong and Faith) are launching a new comics company, Bad Idea. The premise: no digital editions, only out at a limited number of store, no trade collections. The reason? They less they worry about distribution streams, the more they can focus on comics. I hope it does well.

Catherine Burns was an Oscar nominee fifty years ago, then just disappeared from the screen.

Twenty-four comedians on their most-hated comedy cliches (“if you log on to social media and see every random person with 20 followers parroting the same exact joke that you’ve been making, maybe it’s time to step back and ask yourself if what you’re doing is original or edgy in any way.”)

Courtney Milan on steps she intends to take against racism in publishing.

Don’t write something that ejects the reader from the book.

For a lot of people, the status quo stinks. So are mysteries that solve the crime and restore the status quo doing enough? I’ll come back to this topic later when I have the energy for a longer post.

As I committed myself to boost the signal more often for writers I know, here’s a link to Alexander Gideon’s blog.

If you’re into British comics, here’s a guide to the tangled question of who owns which copyrights.

By bankrolling a suit against Gawker, Peter Thiel drove the website into bankruptcy. More people are trying the same trick. It’s alarming.

How do some people become skilled and creative in multiple fields?

The secret to pushing through for the long haul? Take a break and recharge.

The next step for Barnes & Noble.

#SFWApro. Covers by Gervasio Gallardo.


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