Bad lawyers, abused kids and other links

Alan Dershowitz says during the impeachment hearings that if Trump thinks his re-election is good for America, anything he does is a valid use of his power, including the quid pro quo with the Ukraine. At the link, Dersh frantically tries to walk this back after getting savaged for it on social media. As Paul Campos of LGMs ays, why is Dershowitz trying a defense he knows will make him look like a legal moron or a totalitarian toady? I’m sure we’ll soon hear him whining about how it’s so unfair people refuse to hang out with him just because he’s become both.  More here.

Attorneys for a child-molesting Catholic cardinal insist that his sexual assaults are no big deal, just “plain vanilla sexual penetration case where the child is not actively participating” — deserves leniency (happily he didn’t get it) A useful reminder about how some rape apologists are ready to excuse or dismiss any abuse of power, not just male/female. Yes, I know he’s a lawyer, but that’s no excuse, any more than smearing a rape victim for what she wears is justifiable. The lawyer, having received flak for it, now apologizes.

And here’s another familiar rape excuse regarding priestly pedophilia: the kids wanted affection.

Immigrant minors in federal care have been abused. Thousands of children.

Oh, and ICE wants the option to destroy records of sexual assaults and deaths in custody.

Penn State’s Jerry Sandusky was found guilty of abusing kids. His boss Joe Paterno knew and did nothing. Malcolm Gladwell tries unconvincingly to explain that nothing was a completely understandable reaction so we shouldn’t fuss about Paterno.

Paul Campos wonders why some Republicans don’t at least think about their place in history.

“Hillary Clinton is the only prominent supporter of the Iraq War to pay any material price for supporting it, although her vote was causally immaterial to it happening. Ralph Nader, on the other hand …”

The Navy Seal Trump pardoned for war crimes is retaliating against his accusers by posting their photos and names online.

Having shat on gays, women, trans people and Muslims, now Trump dumps on the disabled. And Medicaid recipients too.

A student at a Christian school had a rainbow birthday cake. Didn’t bring it onto school property, just posted about it in social media. That was enough for the school to expel her.

WaPo’s Jennifer Rubin says Republicans have become exactly the kind of weak opponent to international tyranny they claimed Obama was. Actually Republicans have never been antagonistic to tyranny except Communism, but it’s still a good column.

“We believe that the United States has the human resources to provide capable and willing leaders, and that together a more just and respectful future can be forged. Acknowledging that all human community and leadership is a mixture of blessing and brokenness, health and dysfunction, we stand with all those who believe this country deserves and needs a constitutional and peaceful change in leadership.” — The Dietrich Bonhoffoer Society, calling for an end to Trump’s presidency. Court evangelical Eric Metaxas thinks he understands Bonhoffoer better than the scholars so they’re wrong. Metaxas also thinks the Bible has a story about the Good Samaritan’s brother (it doesn’t).




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