Romance for Tuesday

While I’ve never been a romance comics reader, I do find some of the comics covers striking. See what you think. First, one by John Romita.

Jay Scott Pike provided this striking image.And dang, this pretty much embodies the idea of a sexy young woman from around the time I hit puberty. Dick Giordano did the art.A somewhat more old-fashioned image by Bernard Sachs shows that even in 1950s love comics, musicians got the girls.And another by Sachs. Love the yearning, heartbroken look, but as a friend of mine says, where does she keep her intestines?Another RomitaAnd another uncredited one. “The Life and Loves of Lisa St. Clair” involved a wealthy young woman searching for a man who’d love her for herself, not her money.For anyone who does have an interest in this genre, Jacqueline Nodell’s Sequential Crush blog is very good.

#SFWApro. All rights to images remain with current holders. Source for covers was the invaluable Mike’s Amazing World website.

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