Wisp in 2020

One of my goals for 2020 was that we should figure out what we want our relationship with Wisp to be, and then make it happen.

This is partly going to depend on what Wisp wants it to be. She’s been living on her own for at least 18 months now; it’s not like she’s a kitten we can bring into the house and teach her to adapt to us. We need a situation that she’ll be happy with, but also works for us.

My guess is she’s going to want to stay an outside cat. The most probable solution is a cat door; TYG is uncomfortable about the possibility of other things using it, but it’s possible to set one to respond to a microchip. If we chip her next summer when her next vet appointment rolls around, we can set the door accordingly. That way her ins and outs aren’t dependent on me opening the door, which should work better for both of us.

Of course there’s still the question of adapting to the dogs. Trixie, as you can see, is down with Wisp; even when Wisp buffeted her lightly a couple of weeks back, Trixie didn’t freak, just growled a warning. Plushie, though, is a little more excitable. Hopefully, he can adapt. He’s quite calm when they meet outside, but on his own turf he’s a little more confrontational — though so far she’s taken it well.

Time will tell how this works out. Or if it does.

#SFWApro. Photo is mine.

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