Sexist pigs and other repellent people

Some right-to-lifers are pushing for miscarriages to undergo burial. Pennsylvania forced-birthers are topping that with a bill that would fine doctors if they don’t provide death certificates and burial for fertilized eggs that never implanted. An Ohio bill would ban abortion with no exceptions except a life-or-death situation for the mother, and not one caused by the pregnancy.

Shitbags support shitbags: Sean Hannity wants accused sexual harasser Bill O’Reilly back on Fox News. His victims are seething, especially as their settlements include no-rehire provisions.

How science gets women wrong.

Neo-Nazis ask “What is the benefit of satisfying women?”

Amy Chua was an influential law professor who supported Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court. By an amazing coincidence, her daughter is now his clerk. A look at how meritocratic our law-school system isn’t, though it helps if a woman looks like a fashion model. And Slate looks at how hard it is to fight harassment in law school (Chua’s husband’s been accused of it).

Texas JP Dianne Hensley disregards a state directive that if she chooses to conduct weddings, she can’t discriminate against gays.

Republican senatorial candidate Roy Moore had no trouble violating state rules for judges or defying them to put a Ten Commandments graven idol in his courthouse. But he’s shocked that his suspension (according to him) didn’t follow the rules.

A witness at the impeachment hearings jokes that Donald Trump cannot make his son Barron into a baron — which gave Republican special snowflakes something to whine about.

George Zimmerman, having shot and killed Trayvon Martin, is now suing the Martin family and the prosecutor for supposedly defaming Zimmerman.

Another day, another preacher outed as a sexual predator. And the Catholic Church is struggling with its own wave of sex-abuse lawsuits.

By the time Trump is gone, he’ll have done tremendous damage to the social safety net, environmental protection and other important government functions. For example doing his best to leave more people without coverage.

And you know how Trump recently pardoned war criminals? A few months back, he also ordered the Navy to strip the prosecutors in those cases of their medals.

Republicans claimed they were outraged when Ihlan Omar criticized the AIPAC pro-Israel lobby; Trump telling Jews they love their money too much to vote Democratic probably won’t generate any fuss.

Infowars’ Alex Jones, as seen by an employee. Not pretty.

Neither is life inside the luggage company away, due to bullying management. LGM adds some thoughts about places “where bosses not only treat employees like shit but treat trivial incidents in an ordinary business like they’re engaged in the Manhattan Project”

A police commander tells his people: arrest more blacks and Hispanics, fewer whites and Asians.


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