Random political links for Monday

Politico‘s founding editor says the fatal flaw of the national media is their blind devotion to centrism.

For a long time Andrew Johnson’s trial was held up as an example of how not to impeach a president. At the link, Alex Parreene argues that historians drew the wrong lesson from it. Meanwhile, some conservatives argue that we elected Trump knowing he was crooked, so why impeach because he’s crooked? Add this to the long list of bad anti-impeachment arguments.

Muslim-hater Laura Loomer sued CAIR for supposedly banning her from Twitter. She lost.

The right struggles to spin unfavorable impeachment testimony.

Republicans want us to believe Trump brought back the freedom to say Merry Christmas, but Christmas is still under siege.

The right-wing talks a lot about how it respects the troops. But if the troops speak up against Republicans, then the troops become gutless wimps. If a Democrat had, like Devin Nunes, not used an officer’s rank in addressing him, we’d be hearing screams of outrage from the right.

A Harvard law professor who joined Harvey Weinstein’s legal teams has some hair-raising income tax bills.

Eagles football player Malcolm Jenkins criticized the Philadelphia cops. The cops freaked out.

Having a white nationalist such as Stephen Miller as Trump’s advisor isn’t a gaffe or a partisan issue, it’s a bad thing.

“The experts who assert that any given place is safe-enough to live never seem to live in such places themselves.” Case in point, the U.S. built a nuclear waste depository in the Marshall Islands and claimed it was perfectly safe. It isn’t.

British writer G.K. Chesterton once argued that conservatives simply wanted liberals to know the purpose for a fence before they knocked it down. Fred Clark points out the problems with that metaphor. For example, that fences don’t stay up unless you maintain them — they don’t exist because of tradition but because of who we want to keep out now. And that conservatives are perfectly happy tearing down fences or building new ones.

A conservative Florida town adopts a socialist solution to the lack of a grocery store.

Some school systems still don’t get the whole freedom of religion thing.

“Who has power, and how is power being used to suppress speech? ” An LGM interview on the current state of free speech rights. Case in point, Colin Kaepernick. And consider, by contrast, how the NFL deals with domestic violence.

The Navy Secretary objected to Trump pardoning an accused war criminal. He’s now been fired. Seriously, I wonder what the benefit is to Trump from pardoning these people?

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