Impeachment and other political links

Judging by the people opposed to it, impeachment must be the right path:

Court evangelical Tony Perkins was keen on impeaching the Christian, church-going Obama. But now that he has an ally in the White House? Impeachment would damage our system. More accurately, it might remove a president who’s willing to go along with the religious right’s concept of religious freedom. I’m quite sure if faith-based refugee groups objected to Trump’s anti-immigrant policies, Perkins wouldn’t be on their side.

David Brooks is very, very worried impeachment will empower Trump and enrage his base. As noted at the link, Trump’s base is in a constant state of rage — if impeachment makes them angrier, that doesn’t translate into more votes for Trump.

Frank Bruni worries impeachment will divide the country. Because we’re so unified now.

And John Yoo, the Bush-era White House attorney who claimed the president can violate any laws he wants (except when he’s a Democrat) unsurprisingly thinks impeaching Trump is bad.

But even if the Senate voted to impeach Trump, that wouldn’t solve the white supremacist problem.

Right-wing wackaloon Rod Dreher explains the coming election is like when David Duke ran for Louisiana governor: voting for Trump is like voting against Duke, even though Duke is a Trump backer.

Sanders vs. Warren is more complicated than the very left wing portrays it. And so is the debate over Universal Basic Income, which Jacobin compares to husbands giving housewives an allowance back in the 1950s.

Inaccurate credit reports. Reluctance to fix problems. Insecure privacy. No wonder Bernie Sanders wants to nationalize credit reporting.

The right wing is much better than the left at political propaganda.

Dallas police officer Amber Guyger walked into a black man’s apartment and shot him dead, which she claims was because she thought he was a burglar in her own apartment. The trial is in progress.

Tony Perkins, a virulently anti-gay bigot, is probably also happy a judge in Michigan says religious groups that work for the state as adoption agencies can discriminate against gays.

I knew specfic author Dan Simmons was virulently anti-Muslim, but he’s also a climate-change denier (and jerk).

Confederate monuments are not about preserving history, they’re about manipulating it.

Tennessee Republican Kerry Roberts suggests the best way to get rid of liberalism is to get rid of college.

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