Trump toady Thom Tillis is proud he put an accused rapist on the Supreme Court

Tillis, in email: “I am proud to be on the frontlines in the successful effort to guide President Trump’s judicial nominees through the confirmation process, including putting Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court.” Senator, that is not something to be proud of, though I don’t doubt the many red parts of our state will see it as a plus.

And this week both Tillis and co-toady Richard Burr voted to put the dubiously qualified but apparently quite misogynist Steven Menashi on the federal bench. Long after both senators are retired and living comfortably on their wealth, their work will continue to damage this country. Perhaps these protesters should have a word with them.

The courts have reaffirmed that North Dakota can stop Native Americans from voting (not technically doing so, but like many voter-restriction tactics, having that effect).

Impeaching Trump for violating the Constitution is not just partisan politics. But Republicans and right-wing media are working very hard to distort the facts.

The Ohio house passed a law that says students get credit for wrong answers (e.g., creationism over evolution) if the error is based on their religion. But it’s socialism that warps your brain and makes you a pervert!

Yes, Stephen Miller’s a racist and fascist. More here.

Trump put his weight behind Matt Bevin, who lost the Kentucky governor’s race (and gave up trying to contest it). Trump’s support didn’t help the Republican candidate in Louisiana either. I suppose it’s not surprising that in both races President Narcissus thought “If this candidate loses, it’ll make me look bad” was a compelling argument.

Rep. Katie Hill is bisexual and polyamorous. Is that why the headlines about her were more lurid than when the media covered Al Franken?

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