Political links, mostly but not entirely about sexism

I don’t usually have anything positive to say about the Christian press. So it’s nice to salute Charisma magazine for reporting on allegations of sexual misconduct against Christian comedian John Crist. Way better than a Christian site publishing revenge porn.

Speaking of which: “Teens aren’t committing suicide over shared pictures of themselves vomiting at parties. Politicians aren’t bothering to resign over leaked photos of themselves in blackface. It’s “revenge porn,” the sharing of sexual photos without consent, that remains a shockingly potent form of blackmail and attack — as Katie Hill just found.” And people who Google Hill aren’t looking to learn about the scandal, they’re mostly looking to see her naked.

Heard about Trump Jr. getting booed? Writer Matthew Sheffield said it’s part of a campaign to rebrand the alt.right as Christian nationalists.

Payday lenders worry a better economy would be bad for their bottom line. So they’re working to prevent Arizona raising the minimum wage.

I’ve never had much use for right-wing economists such as Robin Hanson and Bryan Caplan. But at least they haven’t fired a gun at a crowd of protesters. Echidne (an economist herself) wonders if so many economists are creepy right-wingers because those beliefs go hand-in-hand with free-market fanaticism.

A number of conservative specfic writers have objected that markets accepting stories from women, black writers or other non-WASP male groups are objectionable and exclusionist. Even though an anthology by writers named Dave obviously excludes most women, that’s apparently OK. Case in point.

Crackpot and liar Dave Daubenmire claims women get pregnant, then have abortions so they can use the body parts in Satanic rituals. Because his gullible audience are always ready to believe in Satanic babykiller lies. They always have.

Remember when Republicans thought Hilary Clinton would be the first female president — and were already plotting to impeach her.

According to abstinence-only education, if you sleep around, you are as worthless as a cup of spit or dirty chocolate. Technically this applies to anyone but as Samantha Field says (I can’t find the specific link) “boys who fail to save their pure gift of pure snow-white virginity for marriage aren’t compared to pre-chewed gum.”

Heather MacDonald pretends it’s the fight against racism that makes whites racist.

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