The night of the wolf, the day of the bullshit artist: links

A new book on Trump reports that Obama forced CIA agents to attend political correctness meetings. The author is ignorant of common intelligence-service terms.

Supposedly Oberlin students pitched a fit in 2015 over the cafeteria serving sushi and banh-mi because that was cultural appropriation. Like the PC meetings above, it’s not true. (as a former Obie, I find the idea of cafeteria sushi terrifying, though that’s nothing to do with the story).

The D. James Kennedy Ministeries insists that equating gays with pedophiles and similar sentiments does not make them a hate group. So they’ve sued the Southern Poverty Law Center for saying they are.

Wall Street is outraged at Elizabeth Warren!

Sexist and bigot Jesse Lee Peterson is black, but he tells neo-Nazis the civil rights movement was a mistake — black America should just have waited for whites to change and accept them.

Despite Trump’s support, right-winger Matt Bevin lost in Kentucky. So he’s claiming non-existent voter fraud to justify not conceding. And the Senate president (who unfortunately may get a say in who wins) says Bevin’s the real winner because he should get all the votes for the Libertarian candidate.

Right-wing bullshit artist Dave Daubenmire insists that right-wing Christians have a right to be tried only by a jury of right-wing Christians.

Yet another right-wing claims women can only protect their freedom by becoming baby factories for the white race! Oh, and feminism causes alcoholism.

And here we have another exciting trip to the wild lands where Trump voters roam.

Years after it helped swing the election for Trump, the NYT admits that Hilary Clinton’s email practices was a non-story.

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