Trump’s war against Google and other political links

The Justice Department is looking at anti-trust action against Facebook, Google and Amazon. If this were part of a general pushback against monopoly and market consolidation, that would be great; however I’m sure it’s political. Amazon because Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post and Trump doesn’t like anything but adulation from the media. Google doesn’t turn up what some conservatives think are the correct results in searches — i.e., not enough right-wing bullshit — and Facebook is maybe slightly less keen on letting blatantly false narratives circulate. So, I’m cynical. Plus I know from years of watching the right that they can turn on a dime from complaints about how companies should be neutral to demands they suppress liberal speech.

Ditto Republican Senator Josh Hawley’s call to legally restrict our time on a given social network to 30 minutes a day (we’d have to formally request the network allow us more). I’m sure in other circumstances he’ll assure us that he wants government to stay out of our lives.

Trump shows a complete lack of empathy dealing with an orphan of the El Paso shooting.

Over in Ohio, police are investigating whether the explosion that destroyed an interracial couple’s home (with swastika graffiti left behind) was a hate crime.

What is it with this administration? Now they’re greenlighting the use of cyanide-spraying spring-triggered traps for wildlife. Yeah, no way that could go bad.

Billionaire Peter Thiel doesn’t like democracy, but he does like Trump.

Paul Krugman: The Republican Party “remains in lock step behind a man who has arguably done more to promote racial violence than any American since Nathan Bedford Forrest, who helped found the Ku Klux Klan, a terrorist organization if there ever was one — and who was recently honored by the Republican governor of Tennessee.” A look at how Republicans consider white terrorism a fair trade for tax cuts.

I despise a lot of what right-wing pundit Matt Walsh says, but I give him credit for calling a swastika a swastika (so to speak). Fred Clark wishes reporters would do the same instead of trying not to call Trump racist (“To account for his words and behavior with any other explanation requires a great deal of wildly implausible speculation that requires one to ignore most of what one is seeing while dreaming up a host of additional, “secret” facts for which no actual evidence exists. Either what Beto and Beutler say is true, in other words, or you must be willing to leap through the looking glass into the crackpot realm of conspiracy nuttery like QAnon.”)

He’s not trying to excuse white terrorism, gosh no, it’s just “eventually you just run out of options. You read this manifesto, you read what is said in here, and it’s an act of desperation. It says, ‘What else are we supposed to do?’”

Don’t blame Trump for racist shootings, it’s liberal racism’s fault!

Speaking of racist shootings, police keep their cool around a heavily armed white guy much better than unarmed black kids.

Individual donations to Trump’s campaign are a matter of public record. But Republicans are shocked and appalled that they’re being publicized. Isn’t the act of naming them an incitement to violence (I’d say an invitation to contempt and scorn, yes, violence no).

Republicans are also shocked that an upcoming movie shows wealthy elites hunting rural conservatives, even though they have no reason to think the movie makes the conservatives the bad guys (and as noted in comments at the link, right-wing “liberal hunting permits” have been around a while). As Snopes says, “it should be obvious to any mature consumer of culture that a movie that portrays wealthy psychopaths paying to hunt and kill other human beings is not likely to reflect well on the wealthy psychopaths.”


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