Shootings and shooters

There’s nothing I can think of to say about Dayton, Gilroy or El Paso. So I’ll just link to people who are more articulate:

Connor Betts, the Dayton shooter, expressed liberal views but he kept a rape list of women he resented (being liberal and sexist are not incompatible) and tried sending a creepy anonymous letter to an ex-girlfriend (“I don’t remember the exact words, but it was something to the effect of “Welcome to the neighborhood. You can’t outrun your past. Signed, Your Neighbor.””). He was also into the sexist “pornogrind” music scene, though his band mates say they’re shocked he took it literally. Whether his misogyny ties into the shooting or not I have no clue, but it’s remarkable how many shooters have abuse, misogyny or anti-woman violence in their pasts. Or not so remarkable. And it appears the Gilroy and El Paso shooters may have had issues with women.

Patrick Crusius, the accused El Paso shooter, was obsessed with the Hispanic invasion Trump keeps saying is swarming over the border, though Crusius said his views predated Trump. Certainly, Trump’s not the first Republican to scream about it, though he has pushed it hard. As Michelle Goldberg says, our president is a white nationalist who inspires terrorism. Aided and abetted by pundits who insists that while they are not racist themselves, they think we should listen to the racists.

Republican opposition to taking action on firearms is not playing well with a lot of voters. Neither is Trump’s racist rhetoric. For devoted Republicans, though, El Paso, like Dayton, is the work of liberals. Possibly even a false flag or Antifa. Some of them think even restricting mentally ill people from purchasing guns is a plot against white people. Antisemite Rick Wiles thinks it’s a Jewish scheme to kill Christians. Ohio State Rep. Candice Keller blames Dayton on pot, gay marriage and Obama. YouTube crackpots offer more crackpottery.

NYTs Charles Blow says it’s more than just the shooters: “I think a better way to look at it is to understand that white nationalist terrorists — young and rash — and white nationalist policymakers — older and more methodical — live on parallel planes, both aiming in the same direction, both with the same goal: To maintain and ensure white dominance and white supremacy.” Small wonder that,as the NYT notes, there’s more resistance to cracking down on white supremacists than on Muslims.

It’s as if people are getting fed up that the response to school shootings is to institutionalize them. But don’t worry, gun worshippers, Brett Kavanaugh’s got your back.

As for the idea of not giving the killers their ten seconds of fame, No More Mr. Nice Blog says it’s not working.


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