A few quick links

A new high-water mark in predation: Raphael Sanchez, ICE chief counsel, helped build his $700,000 net worth by stealing the identities of immigrants in the ICE files, including murder victims and people his office was deporting

No, Trump is not a political genius and his tweets do not increase his support (except among people who already support him).

President Fistula’s vision of America hasn’t moved on from 1989.

Apparently you can’t play dodgeball while black.

Donald Trump lies about 9/11 (like he does everything).

Mitch McConnell is “arguably more than any other American, doing Russian President Vladimir Putin’s bidding.” But he’s very, very hurt that people are now calling him Moscow Mitch.

Is the right to teenage sex constitutional? From stuff I’ve read elsewhere, I’d say that’s not a crazy question, but when child-molester Jeffrey Epstein’s attorney Alan Dershowitz (who insists he only got one massage at Epstein’s mansion, and from a really old woman) makes the argument, I don’t think his interest is the abstract principle.

Sex vouchers for immigrants? Fake news.

Hate-mongering attorney Mat Staver comes up with a new theory against gay rights: it will protect Jeffrey Epstein from prosecution (never mind that his jailbait seems to have been strictly hetero).

Catholics grab the headlines but the Protestant ministry has its own share of pedophiles.

Jonathan Weisman of the NYT says it’s ridiculous to describe Reps. Ihlan Omar and Rashida Tlaib as “from the midwest” — that’s like saying John Lewis, born to Alabama sharecroppers, is “from the deep south!” Crazy right?

On Twitter Megan McArdle describes white communities that want to stay white as not racist but having “a preference for ethnic homogeneity.”

It turns out Blockbuster’s online offerings were holding their own with Netflix, until …

A top Border Patrol official refuses to rule out the possibility three-year-olds are security threats.

An autistic woman tells anti-vaxxers she’s not their scare tactic.

Finland is successfully fights back against fake news and Russian disinformation.

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