That was a neat trick

So last Sunday I settled into my usual place on our love seat, putting my hand on the arm of the seat to support myself. No big, I’ve done it lots of times.

Except this time my hand somehow slid out and over the arm and I fell, banging my side hard on the chair arm. It hurt! And continued to hurt for two or three days. I have no idea if I just put my hand wrong or flung myself into the seat too fast.

The second day I worried I’d busted something internally, but then it occurred to me that it only hurt when I moved. That made me think it was more a bruise to my muscles than my pancreas rupturing or whatever. And sure enough, the pain started to go down. So yay!

While I didn’t have to hit the Urgent Care, I’m going to illustrate this post by saluting comic-book doctors good—
—and evil.

#SFWApro. Covers by John F. Rosenberger (top) and Bob Kane (bottom).

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