Independence Day slowed me down

Not that we did anything noteworthy, it’s just that it’s one of the holidays I take off even if TYG has her own stuff to do (ditto Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years). Still it was four productive days.

I finished the first draft of a story set in 1930s Hollywood, involving the Tarot. Like all my first drafts it’s not good, but I think the seeds are there. I rewrote Bleeding Blue adding some female support for my protagonist instead of making everyone, male and female, a jerk. That improved things but I still don’t have a clue about the ending it needs.

I also started the third draft of Death is Like a Box of Chocolates. It’s improving with each draft but it’s a long way from where it needs to be. And some of the elements I’ve added, like my protagonist’s feelings about her looks, may not really fit well with the story. I’ll see how the next draft goes.

I’d hoped to get a little more fiction done, but the temptation to do work on Undead Sexist Cliches sucked me in. Of course that’s still productive, but I do want to keep my fiction output up. Next week, I’ll do better with that. But my Undead Sexist Cliches work was satisfying. I rewrote the introduction and the section on anti-feminism, and incorporated my beta-readers’ feedback into Chapter One. I also went through the mass of bookmarks I’ve collected with relevant news stories and added the relevant material to the appropriate chapters. That’s what really sucked up time, but I wanted it done so I’m not having to constantly update the chapters to add material. Now that that’s done, next week I should be able to move a lot faster.

Wisp has been showing up regularly all week, so we’re going to try again to capture her for the vet next week (we didn’t have time with July 4 disrupting the schedule). Fingers crossed we’ll do better than last time.

Hmm. Written down in black and white it’s not an exciting week, but it was a good one just the same.

I’ll close with two covers from House of Secrets (top by Ruben Moreira, bottom by Bob Brown) showing how much fascination quiz shows held back in the 1950s.  While I know the stories would have sucked (DC’s suspense anthologies of that era were pretty poor), the covers do grab my attention.

#SFWApro. All rights to images remain with current holder.

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