Sexism and Fighting Back, Around the World

First, international:

Over in Italy, two men were cleared of rape charges on the grounds the victim looked too masculine to be the target of rape.

Someone’s keeping a database in China that apparently tracks “breed ready” women and identifies them by name and address.

In Nigeria, women are pushing back against marketplace harassment. Women are also in the forefront of Sudanese protests against government oppression.

In Saudi Arabia, even women covered up except for their eyes can offend decency with tempting eyes.

Now, the US:

Actor Lupita N’Yongo on her first-person experience of how Harvey Weinstein harasses women.

“Women have more adverse reactions to drugs than men, and while the number one adverse reaction in women is nausea, the second most common is that the drug just doesn’t work.”

As you may have heard, a man threw a child off a balcony in the Mall of America because he’d had no luck picking up women at the mall.

Is “brilliant” in politics a descriptor reserved for men?

The new movie Unplanned is supposedly the based-on-truth story of a Planned Parenthood staffer who became a right-to-lifer. Amanda Marcotte suggests it’s more “based” than “truth.”

Katie Bouman got some media attention as a woman working on the project that photographed the first black hole. For some people, the attention was too much. Particularly online misogynists.

Some guys in an Alaska high school staged a protest against trans-bathroom access by barging into the girls’ bathroom. Reportedly they blocked one girl from leaving the bathroom so she kicked one in the groin — and got suspended for it. Twitter discussion here.

In Texas the legislature recently debated a bill that could impose the death penalty on women who get abortions. Self-proclaimed Christian prophet Mark Taylor, however, claims that it’s the left wing that wants to execute pregnant women.

Joshua Harris was a major player in the evangelical push to replace dating with a more formal, parent-controlled courtship. Women who experienced guilt and shame trying to live up to this standard aren’t thrilled Harris now takes it all back.

Like so many people, feminists on Twitter can get vicious with each other.

A federal ban on female genital mutilation has been ruled unconstitutional.


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