Menstrual pads should not be a luxury (and other political links)

And no, nothing in here is an April fool’s joke. I wish!

Incarcerated women in Maine only get a limited supply of menstrual products. Republican State Rep. Richard Pickett thinks giving women all the supplies they need would turn prison into a country club.

Serial sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein, on the other hand did go to a club fed prison, and then he left that half the day to work at his office. It’s almost like law does not treat the rich powerful men and imprisoned women equally …

The GOP has been surprisingly ineffective at using the Mueller report and Trump’s supposed exoneration to shift public opinion. That doesn’t stop them trying to put the spotlight back on Clinton.

“Only in the elite media are there people who dislike Trump and feel bad about it.

Faced with a lawsuit over his claims the Sandy Hook school shooting was faked, Alex Jones says he was wrong, but not guilty by reason of insanity. And the media drove him to it!

There’s a lot of pessimism about America’s future since the rise of Trump, but here’s some optimism.

A gay prosecutor talks about the consequences of employers being able to fire him for being gay.

Boys at one high school had an organized system for rating girls’ hotness. The girls pushed back.

A Florida man raped his neighbor, offered to do some yard work in return, then asked her to shake hands so he could trust her not to call the cops. She called the cops, he’s serving 50 years.

The complexity of hate crime statistics.

One of the standard religious-right excuses for dropping the whole “we want moral Christian leaders” pretense is that Trump is a godless instrument chosen to serve the godly, just as the Persian conqueror Cyrus the Great brought the Jews back to Israel from exile. As I pointed out in an old And column, American Christians are not in exile.

Supposed deep thinker Stefan Molyneux blames ADHD on immigrants and single mothers.

The new right-wing idiot theory: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez isn’t a real congress member, she’s a paid actor. Um, no matter what they say (and like Edroso at the link, I’m sure this crap won’t disappear, even though it’s dumb), she got elected, ergo she’s a real congress person. It’s sort of like the birther paranoids, it’s easier to imagine that their adversary isn’t really entitled to her office. Oh, and trans people are trying to turn us all into cyborgs. See why I wish there were some April Fool stuff in here?

Last month the Supreme Court let Alabama execute a Muslim prisoner without making a spiritual counselor of his own faith available. This month, they did the opposite (I don’t know if the difference is that the prisoner is Buddhist, or what).

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  1. Every day is April Fool’s Day for those on the right.

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