A blood heir, a fraud and other writing links

I haven’t read Amelie Wen Zhao’s Blood Heir, but Zhao pulled it pre-publication after criticism that the book is racist. Depending who you talk to, this was a good decision or a massive injustice; Slate does a good job covering the issues

Thriller author Dan Mallory allegedly advanced his career by lying a lot. On Twitter, editor Ruoxi Chen vents that Mallory can fall upwards while women of color in publishing are stuck going nowhere.

How to write superhumans well.

Isabel Cooper argues Tolstoy was wrong: all happy families are not alike.

Netflix and other streaming service are pumping out new content. That’s nevertheless leaving writers and actors worse off financially.

As the media landscape keeps splintering, is Paw Patrol the last kiddie mega-hit?

Another day, another slice of toxic fandom.

In Finland, they don’t do small talk. I think cultural details like that could add a lot to a fictional setting.

Julie Moffett on writing Y/A that’s geared to actual teenagers.

Does Kevin Spacey’s recent attempt at a career-salvaging video violate the House of Cards copyright?

“There is no shame in comfort, in paying your bills, in eating food and enjoying the shade from a ceiling which itself is underneath a roof. You may even be likelier to make great art while comfortable, because you aren’t desperate.” — Chuck Wendig on the starving writer stereotype

Switching subjects, here’s a photo of a husky puppy I met in Petco recently. Very sweet, very recognizably puppyish in its motions. TYG was much amused it pooped all over the floor a few minutes later.

#SFWApro. Photo is mine, please credit if you use.

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