I made a list but it didn’t save me

Like many couples, TYG and I have to figure out who pays for what. As Leaf income has settled down to be at least semi-regular, I’m comfortable paying for more stuff; rather than pay more of the household bills I opted to cover all of the food shopping. That just seems a more “fun” way to contribute than paying the water bill. Not that water isn’t important, but I take much more personal interest in picking my meal ingredients. And that way if I get the urge to buy something self-indulgent and expensive, I don’t feel I’m taking advantage (TYG has never objected when I do, but even so). Last weekend was the first time.

As always, I work out what I’m going to make in advance and then draw up the list. As we had some leftover mashed potatoes, I figured I’d make one of the various potato-bread recipes in my bread books. I had all the other ingredients except butter, so that was all I put on the list.

Passing through the baking section at Sprouts, I wondered for a second if I needed white flour, even though I didn’t have it on the list. Naah, I told myself, I definitely have enough white flour. Of course, I could have picked up a bag anyway — it’s not like it won’t get used — but because I didn’t want to be spendthrift, I figured I’d skip it.

Yes, you can all see what’s coming: it turns out I was almost out of white flour. Nowhere near enough for any of the recipes I had in mind. I didn’t want to go shopping agains, so I tried a new recipe for whole wheat bread, which came out great. However the mashed potatoes had to pass into that compost heap in the sky, never to fulfill their purpose.

Nothing earth-shaking, but after I got over my annoyance, it was pretty amusing.

For more amusement, here’s a George Barr on which a woman is apparently wearing a giant teacup for a hat.

#SFWApro. All rights to image remain with current holder.

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