He dyed her vagina purple and other gender-war news

Yes, it actually happened: an ob/gyndoctor thought it would be hysterically funny to dye a patient’s vagina purple.

Baylor University student Jacob Walter Anderson was indicted on four counts of sexual assault. He’ll cop to unlawful restraint, which carries up to a ten year penalty, but his sentence is $400 fine and three years suspended probation. The victim’s family says the DA just doesn’t believe he can convict a first-time rapist.

“This is a depressing reality for all of us who are — or who ever were — a part of American white evangelicalism. We can all play Six Degrees of Separation From A Rapist. But we never need to use all six degrees.” I suspect that’s true of many institutions.

“Cohen alleges that Moates once told her that she “couldn’t possibly be telling the truth that I was a proud virgin, that I had indeed never kissed a boy, because I was too gorgeous for that.” She was 16 years old at the time.” Another day, another predator.

An anti-abortion group in Texas promised to provide family planning service to 70,000 women. It’s still getting state funding, even though the number’s a mere 3,300.

Even Republicans are concerned about women’s access to tampons and similar products. There are several more sexism-related links in this slacktivist linkpost.

CERN suspended a scientist who claims women’s brains aren’t as good at science as men’s.

Conservative, sexist comics activist Richard Meyer is suing writer Mark Waid on the grounds Waid destroyed his career.

No, no, believing men must dominate women totally does not make us male supremacists!

A neo-Nazi website has some suggestions for how to enforce monogamy.

Someone’s trying to frame Robert Mueller for sexual assault. Not very competently, but I’m sure we’ll see more of this. It’s a two-fer, clobbering Democrats and Me Too at the same time. The frame fell apart, which has some conservatives seething. At Democrats, not the fakers.

Dr. Michael Holick has been an expert defendant’s witness in hundreds of child abuse cases, thanks to his theory that lots of alleged abuse is explained by super-fragile bones.

In better child-abuse news, the Justice Department is investigating the Catholic Church’s decade’s long history of covering-up for abusers.

Paul Feig scoffs at the idea Hollywood can’t find more female directors.

The creepy world of fundamentalist Bill Gothard and his sexual harassment (“IBLP is a case study in how a religious culture can implode when an authoritarian theology allows the most vulnerable to be targeted by predators.”).

The DARVO strategy for rapists and sexual harassers: Deny, Attack the Victim, Reverse Victim and Offender roles to claim you’re the suffering one.

A look at the difference between black and white Southern women’s political involvement. In a discussion of privilege and voting, NMMNB highlights one particular section, an account of white couples going into the polling booth together so the husband can tell his wife how to vote.

Did your wife sleep with other men before your marriage? Some incels think that makes you a cuckold.

Yet another shooter turns out to be a misogynist and abuser.

The Google protests, sexual-equality efforts in Ethiopia and other news from Echidne.

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