Lets look in that wretched hive again

A random roundup of nuttiness, vileness and bigotry.

If Trump is going senile or insane, that’s a good reason to vote Republican.

John McCain was executed by a military tribunal! Clinton and Obama are next!

Who’s scheming against Trump? An international Jewish banker! Also people actually told legislators not to support Kavanaugh!

The Trump administration is still treating migrant children like shit.

Sandy Rios thinks being gay is so much worse than anything Bret Kavanaugh did.

The NRA thinks the problem of America is that men are being turned into second-rate women.

“Russia wants to upend Western democracy, which happens to be exactly what Republicans also want.”]

“Civility is not an end on its own if the practices and beliefs it upholds are unjust.”

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, whose great achievement is a tax cut bill that lines his own pocket, shows the usual Republican contempt for rape victims.

Tennesseean Taylor Swift has endorsed two Democratic candidates in her state. The alt.right has a meltdown. Showing again how much projection hides in their fantasies of easily triggered liberal snowflakes.

When the Democrats considered a primary challenge to a conservative Dem senator, that was totalitarian tyranny. When Republicans do it, it’s cool.

American Nazi Chris Cantwell broke down in tears when faced with the cops, but he’s damn tough talking online about the fun of rape.

One Bible thinks Christians focusing on social justice is heresy! Unsurprisingly the minister profiled in the article, John McArthur, thinks focusing on the evil of gayness is just fine.

Right wingers have implied for years that Democrats aren’t really legitimate (“Bill Clinton was never elected by a majority of the American people!”) but Trump is saying the quiet parts out loud. David Niewert looks at the history “we need a new Civil War to kill the liberals” talk.

Okay, topic shift because this crap is depressing. First, here’s a shot of an Aussie wine celebrating the 19 crimes for which Britain transported convicts to Australia. All rights to label remain with current holder.

Next, LGM looks at douchebro culture as expressed in 1980s films. My Atomic Junkshop colleague Greg Hatcher looks at the same issue via personal experience of binge drinking (“No one ever has a good blackout. “Oh yeah, you were a wild man, volunteering at the soup kitchen, collecting for UNICEF, you were OFF THE HOOK, dude!” is not a thing anyone said ever.”) and how it justifies male jerkiness.

Anti-feminist Jordan Peterson likes to pos as a champion of unorthodox thought. Unless it’s thinking the wrong thing about Jordan Peterson. He is also clueless about white privilege.

“Resistance isn’t the same thing as winning,” but it’s still a good thing. And no, Republicans didn’t win because Mitch McConnell is a tactical genius or because ruthlessness wins, it’s because they had more votes.

A stranger stands up for two women who were hassled for speaking Spanish.

A former incel describes breaking away from his old mindset.

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