Some conservatives want to say the n-word sooooo bad

Roy Edroso at Alicublog pointed out some years ago that for a number of conservatives, the burning free speech issue of our time is that they’re “not allowed” to say the n-word. Case in point, C-list right-wing pundit Dave Daubenmire, who wants to know why it’s okay to use “fat” and “diminutive” to describe someone but he can’t say the n-word.

For starters, he can say the n-word, it’s just that he’ll be criticized if he does. Possibly like a lot of right-wingers, he feels being criticized for bigotry is some kind of oppression … but it isn’t (nor is it oppression to criticize them for voting Trump). Second, “fat” and “diminutive” are descriptive words (although “fat” is a subjective description and often used purely as an insult); the n-word doesn’t describe anything it’s purely an insult. Daubenmire says he’d sooner be called the n-word that be called diminutive, but guess what, Mr. D? You’re white. It’s not surprising if the word doesn’t sting (though I actually bet if someone actually compared this bozo to a black man, he’d be pissed as hell).

Finally, there’s only one reason for whining about this issue, which is that you really, really want to refer to black people that way. You’re a racist shit, as well as being a bully-worshipper, and you deserve whatever criticism you get.

In other links:

Roy Edroso looks at the conservative reaction to the Manafort and Cohen cases. NRA’s Dana Loesch, for instance, says the feds are trying to nail Trump just like they nailed Al Capone; she means this as a bad thing.

I’m a firm believer that even wicked people suffer more than they deserve. Nevertheless, I’m getting a lot of schadenfreude out of Milo Yiannopoulis‘ whinging about how he’s gone broke fighting for freedom.

Speaking of schadenfreude, the vicious glee of some right-wingers at John McCain dying is unsettling.

A millennial suggests Hooters can draw in his age cohort by making waitresses debate politics with customers and listen to their problems. And for less money.

Former House Speaker turned pompous windbag Newt Gingrich insists Trump shouldn’t be impeached because it would be politically motivated, totally unlike when he led the impeachment pack after Clinton. And he’s still a political hack.


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