My fun staycation

So last weekend my sister Tracy and our mutual bestie Cindy came for a visit. We had a great time.

Friday I picked them up at the airport, then we headed home. I made chocolate cupcakes and a chickpea/garlic/tomato dish for dinner. They approved. Then we crashed, talked and hung with the pups.

Saturday, we visited Duke’s Lemur Center, the largest collection of lemurs outside Madagascar. The lemur in the red light is a nocturnal fat-tailed lemur. The aye-aye was cooler and much more memorable to see, but it didn’t show up well in my photos.

Sunday we visited the North Carolina Museum of Art. Our guests loved it, from the outside art above to the inside art below.

We went to Sage, TYG’s and my favorite restaurant, Saturday night. Sunday afternoon I made roast potatoes with rosemary from TYG’s herb garden, goat cheese and soy bacon. Our guests gave it high marks.

Monday we visited the Sara Duke Memorial Gardens before I took them to the airport.

I’d never been to the Garden before, and I was much impressed.

It was a great time. Not just seeing two people I’m very close to, but seeing all the cool sights and just sort of going with the flow, instead of planning everything I’m doing myself. That’s remarkably relaxing.

As I was on vacation the rest of the week too, there’ll be no week-in-review post this afternoon.

#SFWApro. All photos are mine.

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  1. Vacations are so important! Great that you are taking a break!

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