I need to do that again

So last weekend, TYG was out of town at a wedding. She’d asked me not to go anywhere if I could avoid it, just so there was no risk of me getting hit and injured and leaving the pups alone with nobody to feed her.

It worked out quite well. Long walks. Lots of petting. And as I had nothing to do, I just relaxed and watched TV, read, etc. I felt really refreshed by the time TYG made it home (and I’m very glad to have her back).

I don’t normally feel that refreshed on the weekends. It’s not like I have a whole bunch of stuff to do on weekends when TYG’s here. Was it just not going anywhere? Being by myself, albeit with the dogs? Just that I gave my permission to not-do?

I’ve no idea, but it’s worth thinking about. Being well relaxed is good. It would be nice to do more often.

#SFWApro. Art below is uncredited, but all rights remain with current holders.


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