Trump’s Supreme Court pick, and other political links

Trump’s new Supreme Court pick, Brett Kavanaugh, is, of course, very antiabortion (though a lot of rightwingers are insisting that he’s a moderate), but he also believes that Internet providers should be able to block any website or service they choose because free speech! Which makes as much sense as saying phone companies should be able to block phone calls from people they don’t want you to talk to. More generally, and unsurprisingly, he’s a firm believer that regulation is bad unless it regulates people, not corporations (“he and the broader conservative legal movement have the very scrutable idea that the Constitution should be read primarily as a property owners’ charter, whose purpose is to stymie economic regulation.”). It’s a bad addition to an already anti-democracy court. Oh, Kavanagh also believes that a sitting president is immune from civil lawsuits and criminal charges.

Several people who know Kavanagh say he’s really a wonderful person and very nice to the people around him. It’s the people who aren’t around him who will get a raw deal.

Anti-semitic incidents surged 60 percent in 2017.

The winner of one of the NC Republican primaries is Confederate loving, openly white supremacist Russell Walker, who thinks Jews are creatures of Satan.

Removing Confederate monuments is the work of Antichrist! But the real Confederates are Democrats, because they discriminate against white women.

Would you believe the religious right are supporting a conservative brothel owner in a Nevada election? I’m sure you would.

Mike Huckabee insists Red Hen refusing his daughter service is wrong — nothing like good Christians refusing gays. I’m sure that won’t surprise you either. Let us remember that Huckabee, the pious moralist, hand-waves child molestation away when it’s politically convenient to do so.

Rep. Steve King continues Tweeting racism. A San Bernadino prosecutor tweets that someone should have shot Maxine Waters by now. Daria Shine, the wife of the new White House communications director tweets racism. But Erick Erickson insists just because someone tweets racist things, we shouldn’t judge them.

Being a violent white supremacist is not a bar to getting a security clearance.

When Rep. Jim Jordan was a wrestling coach, some of his students say, he turned a blind eye to the team doctor’s sexual misconduct. Unsurprisingly, his party insists he’s a wonderful guy who couldn’t have done anything wrong. No surprise Rep. Matt Gaetz is a Jordan defender, given he’s also a devoted Trump toady.

According to an EPA official, now-departed Scott Pruitt would have his aides put his hotel stays on their credit cards, then not reimburse them. No wonder he and Trump got along so well, given Trump’s history of stiffing people.

The Obama administration supported a health resolution encouraging breast-feeding around the world. So Trump opposes it. He’s also adopting a pro-business, anti-environmental approach to managing the oceans.

A Catholic pundit struggles to make a case that the working class support Trump because he embodies family values (tossing off, in the process, that having your partner take out a restraining order against you is at the same level as having a child out of wedlock).

Trump really does lie whenever his lips move — or at least whenever he tweets.

Trump-loving pastor Jim Bakker is now pushing coffee on his show. He says when the end times come, it’ll be worth more than a car.

One of the ardent Trump supporters I know claimed Trump was the better choice because Clinton would get us into war. I’m sure he’s unfazed by the fact Trump wanted to invade Venezuela.

I’ve sometimes joked that with Trump’s election, Russia won the Cold War. What if it’s true and he’s a paid Russian asset?

To end on a bright note, the right is freaking out that left-winger Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won a Democratic primary. And alt.righters who advocate strict controls on immigration are horrified other nations are barring them.

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