Random political links because I’m too tired to be coherent

Thanks to the thriving right-wing media machine, any Dem who’s screwed up becomes a household name. Republicans get to skate.

Republicans grasp that judgeships are important. And they are. And they are. And they are. Etcetera.

If Trump actually did create peace in the Korean peninsula, that would be great. But some conservatives are convinced we’re ready to kill ourselves if he succeeds. No, it’s the evil stuff that upsets us. Or NJ Republican Seth Grossman declaring that diversity is crap. Because if blacks or women get ahead based on affirmative action, that’s un-American, whereas white men getting all the good stuff is pure Americanism (not quite how he phrased it).  Or conservative activist Dave Daubenmire calling for Christians to get violent. None of that wimpy “turn the other cheek” stuff for Dave!

Why is Trump so hostile to our allies? “We’re America, bitch!”

In addition to backing Trump, Russia may also have backed Brexit in the UK.

Incels want to be friends with dry-humping benefits.

A Kentucky graduation crowd cheers the valedictorian quoting Trump. But falls silent when he reveals it’s an Obama quote.

Pat Robertson, who once claimed the international Jewish bankers were plotting to take over the world, is very, very upset people are lying about Trump. So upset, he lies himself (is anyone surprised?).

The right would happily undo gay rights if it gets the chance.

A hacker proved the government caught him using a warrantless phone-tracking system.

Even in the age of Trump, some journalists want to go after the Clintons. As noted at the link, Reagan had dozens of administration officials indicted, but that’s been forgotten too. For that matter, there’s nowhere near the outrage over Trump’s phone practices as over Clinton’s emails.

Oh well. Here’s a photo of Plushie to make up for it all.




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