A whimpering dog trumps all other concerns

So last Sunday, Plushie was walking across the living room when he suddenly gave it with this inexplicable whimper of pain. A loud whimper. Next second, he was fine, but of course we called the vet as soon as they opened and took him in. And spent the meantime feeling rather stressed.

He was fine at the vet, just like the car that works perfectly when you get to the mechanic. But as he’s had a long history of back problems (he’s part lhasa apso, and they’re prone to ’em) they figured that was probably it. Just a little, but enough to make him cry out. And I could remember a couple of other times recently, with smaller and less obvious cries.

So he’s been on muscle relaxants and pain meds and seems to be doing fine. Plus we’re carrying him upstairs (“we” meaning mostly me) so he doesn’t have to throw his back out walking up them.

Given that his back problems will never go away, we’re happy it’s so minor. No crate rest for instance (that’s a real challenge) and he’s obviously not in constant pain. Still, it was a tense time Sunday, and both of us being tense just reinforced each others’ tension.

I don’t know if it’s some side-effect of the drugs but he’s been very eager for extra petting and scratching this week. I do my best to deliver.


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