Incels and other links

An online incel discussion concludes that when women turn a man down they should be terrified he’ll dox, harass or assault them. Yet we still have mainstream thinkers who wonder why women don’t want to sleep with incels. Which the incels likewise think is a great idea.

Rush Limbaugh dumbsplains how Fifty Shades of Greyis actually a feminazi conspiracy. Showing similar brilliant logic right-winger Dave Daubenmire declares the success of Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter is the work of feminism.

In California, they recalled the judge who gave sexual assaulter Brock Turner a slap on the wrist.

Trump celebrated Ramadan at the White House but not with any American Muslims, just diplomats from Saudi Arabia and other allies. After all we wouldn’t want to invite non-white or non-Christian Americans into Trump’s presence, would we?

Crooked Donny also seems much more interested in Eastern Europe than our allies.

A while back I noted that the big papers love to hire Never Trump conservatives but no pro-Trumpers. Well the NYT crossed that line with brilliant results.

Alabama’s GOP favors Roy Moore’s protege for the new chief justice. On the plus side, the ‘bama sheriff who made millions from the fund for feeding prisoners got voted to the curb.

Republican revisions to the ACA eliminated the penalty for not buying insurance. But they’re using the penalty to argue (again) death to the ACA!

As No More Mr. Nice Blog predicted a while back, Republican predictions of an expose putting the final nail in Clinton’s coffin, or the Democratic Party’s or the Deep State’s never come true. But they keep the right whipped up so they feel everything is an existential crisis.

White Americans calling the cops on blacks is just a legal way to enforce white supremacy.

The Supreme Court ruling on baking wedding cakes for gays inspired one store owner to post a No Gays sign. And NRA mouthpiece Dana Loesch says forcing a baker to bake for gays is slavery.

Neo-Nazi California Senate candidate Patrick Little claims he came in first or second, but the Jews rigged the vote.

No, Perry Stone, bringing back prayer in school will not stop school shootings. Christianity didn’t stop slavery. Or the rape of slaves. Or lynching (and posing for it afterwards). Or anti-abortion terrorist Eric Rudolph. The only question is, does Mr. Stone seriously think it’ll work this time, or is he just using an excuse to force prayers on unbelievers?



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