Donald Trump: Making America White Again

For example kicking out immigrants who’ve been here for more than a decade. And the new Medicaid work requirements make it easier for states to cut off Medicaid to blacks. The standard religious-right explanation for loving Trump is that he’s supporting their political agenda. As he’s not the only Republican willing to do that, Slacktivist suggests it might be the white-supremacy thing. But some pundits still don’t buy racism was a factor in Trump’s election (or male supremacy, for that matter). Oh and we have West Virginia Republican and convicted criminal Don Blankenship criticizing Mitch McConnell for having a Chinese-American wife.

Kanye West likes Trump. Conservatives celebrate.

NMMNB predicts that whoever the Dem candidate is in 2020, the media will dump on them. Likewise it’s unlikely Democrats would be able to fire the House Chaplain as Paul Ryan just did (he later retracted it), without igniting a media firestorm.

Netherlands reporters question Trump’s ambassador for his lies about Muslims supposedly taking their country over.

Every Ten Commandments monument endorses one religion or another.

ICE has a record of locking up Americans and ignoring evidence they’re legal citizens.

Lying right-wing preacher Jim Bakker claims conservatives never protested in the streets against Obama.

Ben Carson favors forcing people receiving federal housing support to pay much higher rents.

When CFPB director Mick Mulvaney was a South Carolina politician, he only met with lobbyists who paid to play.

Like many people, I once thought that eventually the conservatives nostalgic for the days of white, straight, Christian male supremacy would die off and things would improve. But there’s a new crop of young ones rising up. And they spout the same cliches such as “You should be able to say anything you want. You can’t say we’re for freedom of speech if you’re going to critique people for what they say.” Despite saying this to Milo Yiannopoulis, who routinely critiques feminists and other left-wingers, the speaker seems to think she’s making sense.

Contrary to a NYT op-ed, refusing to watch/read people because of their politics will not create a lifeless cultural world for ourselves (and as pointed out at the link, it’s not even remotely equivalent to the columnist’s comparison, nuclear warfare) . I can safely say that not reading John C. Wright because of his political diatribes hasn’t left my intellectual life sterile.

We have an anti-Muslim bigot running for Michigan governor and a neo-Nazi running for California senator. A number of right-wingers love to talk about how Hitler’s ideology was really liberal, yet somehow the Nazis always seem to run as Republicans.

Missouri Governor Eric Greitens has been charged with blackmail and abuse tied to an affair. Apparently he also routinely broke campaign finance laws, using the donor list from a charity he ran to solicit money for his campaign

Right-wing gun-lover Larry Pratt apparently doesn’t have the courage to say “I would sooner have kids dying in schools than restrict gun ownership” so he falls bck on lies about David Hogg. Pratt, of course, also said it was Trayvon Martin’s fault Zimmerman shot him (apparently when it’s a black kid, suddenly “having a gun would have made him safe” is not a line Pratty wants to pursue).

Some right-wing extremists are getting combat trained in the U.S. military. And white supremacists are grooming their next generation of haters.

“The Southern Baptist Convention as it presently exists was shaped and molded, guided and led” by two men, one of whom abused teenage boys, one of whom advocates women stay with abusive spouses and pray for them (and if he hits you for praying, suck it up).

Oh, and one conservative Christian wants Trump to pardon Bill Cosby — after all, it’s not like he used violence.

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