First women, then guns: a link post

Various suggestions for going beyond the Bechdel test (is there a woman of color as a major protagonist? Are the walk-on roles at least half women? Is there at least one female character with her own story arc?).

Andrew Sullivan insists his personal life experience shows patriarchy is a myth. Echidne disagrees.

Feministing argues that the enthusiastic consent standard shouldn’t be controversial.

Last month’s women’s march unsurprisingly triggers a right-wing pundit backlash.

For 2,000 years, it was taken as a given that queen bees must be kings.

#Metoo is not about women playing the victim. And it’s not about false accusations. Or about somehow making money off accusations. Jonathan Chait adds that #metoo seems impressively reasonable rather than a witch hunt.

Sometimes the Bible commands abortion.

A teenager says cops raped her in custody. The cops say she consented, and in their state that would make it legal.

And in Kentucky it’s legal for adults to marry pregnant thirteen-year-olds, but conservatives sank a bill to raise the minimum age. Apparently part of the issue was that parents should decide whether the girl marries her rapist/abuser, not the government.

The NLRB says Google was in the right when it fired James Damore, the women-can’t-code guy (once in a while we win one).

Rush Limbaugh explains the Florida school shooting is feminism’s fault.

Harassment and rape in the U.S. Forest Service.

Some career-advisors say women have lower salaries because they don’t negotiate. But studies indicate negotiation can be a losing tactic, for example if the company decides she’s acting too unfeminine.

An old post I just came across discussing how “safe spaces” for the socially awkward can be used to turn a blind eye to predators.

Harassment in children’s publishing.

Now, the guns:

Unsurprisingly Megan McArdle thinks it’s a terrible thing for Delta to get all PC and stop discounting tickets for NRA members. Georgia Lt. Governor Casey Cagle responds to Delta’s decision by vowing to eliminate their state tax breaks. Funny how that “businesses should be free of government regulation” outlook disappears when businesses do the non-conservative thing.

David Brooks conservasplains that the reason nobody’s enacting any gun restrictions is because liberals pushed for them.

Thousands of anonymous posts about the Parkland school shooting are apparently a coordinated campaign.

David French pretends that the pro-gun side really does support reasonable regulation. Meanwhile plenty of other conservatives freak out that the survivors are speaking up.

Claims the Parkland teens are just agents of a secret conspiracy have many predecessors. And the Mary Sue wonders where to get some of that cash George Soros supposedly hands out to liberals who speak up about guns or harassment.

As Echidne says, imagine the media reaction if Hilary Clinton said she’d have run into Parkland.

One of the Parkland teens acknowledges the inspiration of Black Lives Matter.

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