Because it’s not all about goals — (#SFWApro)

— so I decided to add some personal notes about last year.

I’m still freelancing full-time, though I wouldn’t be managing that if I weren’t a two-income family. And I love that.

I’m still married, and still very, very, very happy to be so. TYG is, as they say the one I waited my whole life to find.

I still love our pups, demanding as they get sometimes.

I had three short stories published last year.

I got accepted to Mystacon in Roanoke at the end of February. Which is cool because it’s the first time I’ve been a guest where I wasn’t local and I have friends in the area I haven’t seen since my wedding.

I carried a balance on my credit cards for a while, for the first time in eight years, but eventually I paid it off.

Politically, this year was in many ways depressing. The Republicans control Congress and the White House and the damage they’re doing (like Trump’s gutting every regulatory and supervisory agency he can) will be with us a long time. But I feel cheered by the electoral wins in November, the fall of Roy Moore last month, and the fact liberals of all stripes are pushing back against the right. And more than that, pushing to improve things rather than letting Stop The Alt.Right be the focus.

Even on a personal level, the year wasn’t utopia. TYG and I didn’t travel anywhere together all year (health issues, work schedules), which is a negative. But we’re poised to do better this year. And I did get a trip to Fort Walton Beach in 2017 to see my friends and Mum. Which I’m really glad of, seeing as I’ll not see her again this side of the grave.

(Mum’s urn, in case you missed the earlier post)

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