Far away from home, but close to fun, not so close to sleep (#SFWApro)

So last week I headed down to my former hometown of Fort Walton Beach to catch up with my friends and particularly my parents. Regrettably TYG had to stay at home due to work.

Mum is doing okay, all things considered, which is not the same as “doing okay.” One reason I make sure to come down and hang at least once a year. I visited her every day, except when I was in Pensacola with Dad. She finds it tougher to communicate than she used to, but she does know who I am, that I’m there, etc., so it’s worth going. I do wish I could understand her better.

Dad is still living on his home, and he’s going to be 89 this year. I’m hopeful that’s a good sign for me. I spent Wednesday night with him, and went to dinner with some of his friends.

Like last year, I stayed with my sister and our mutual best friend Cindy. Whose forty pound chow-mix Meggie Sue is absolutely adorable and sweet. Here she graciously allows me to rub her belly.

Here she shows off her toy. It’s not an invitation to play with the toy, just to admire it.

The view from Cindy’s back yard is pretty cool, too. And of course staying there means I get to hang with Tracy and Cindy (and accompany Cindy on Meggie’s morning walkies).

And I did manage to hit the beach briefly. I even left before getting sunburned.

Our sand is very white in Okaloosa County.

My beloved drama teacher Jo Yeager has self-published a children’s book, Jimmy’s Journey. I had lunch with Jo, and  I also caught up with multiple different friends, visited my old comic-book store, drove around the neighborhood. And of course, just relaxed: no work, no pups. It’s funny, last year I felt very strongly that the town was no longer my home, but this year it feels much more familiar. Not home, but familiar in a different way. I liked it.

And that is one pretty back yard!

About the one drawback was that I was constantly sleeping on living room couches it was rarely quiet enough to get a full night’s sleep (and after the Eastern-to-Central time change, I’d have been “off” anyway). But it was worth it.

TYG had a slight refrigerator problem while I was away (she got it fixed) and then work on the fridge dislodged a pill that had rolled under there some time back. Fortunately Plushie didn’t care for the taste and spat it out.

It was a great week, and long enough that I heartily missed TYG and the pups when it was time to come home. Hey, who wouldn’t miss this face?

Photos are all mine, please give credit if you use.


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