Quoted for Truth

From Lawyers, Guns and Money‘s comments section, though I forget which post: “Republicans’ complete abdication of even any pretense of caring about governance has left Democrats alone to shoulder the full burden, and it’s simply more than they (or any one party) can handle.

They’re expected to be the reformist “we need to do better” party, the skeptic “how are we gonna pay for all this?” party, and the pragmatist “we need to keep the lights on” party, all at the same time. Every new Democratic government has to handle three huge responsibilities all at once: 1) repairing all the damage done to the system by the arsonists who just left, 2) performing all the routine maintenance that the system needs just to keep running (and that the arsonists have of course neglected to do), and 3) anticipate, plan for, and enact all the upgrades and expansions that the system will need in order to keep doing what it’s supposed to do while keeping up with the way the world’s changed.

Even all that might still be manageable if the arsonists were gone, or at least, a negligible minority as they were post-1932. But no, enough people insist on continuing to send them to Washington that all three tasks described above have to be performed while the arsonists continue to riot and throw bricks and Molotov cocktails at the infrastructure you’re trying to fix. It’s simply not possible for one party to handle this much bullshit at once.”

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