Missed it by that much! (#SFWApro)

The goal I most wanted to accomplish this month was finishing the next-to-last draft of Southern Discomfort. And I’m soooo close …. but not close enough.

After flying to Florida for Mum’s funeral, I didn’t actually expect to get it done. But Tuesday, when I went back to work after Christmas, it suddenly seemed possible. The enforced break seemed to have snapped me out of my dead end: I could see the way to the finish, more or less. And if I could see it, I had four days to write it!

But due to TYG’s schedule, I was full-time puppy parent, which meant a lot more time walking and caring for them than usual. Plus we had to take Plush Dog in for a vet’s appointment this afternoon. Plus I was fighting the holiday impulse to give in and just laze; I didn’t laze, but I certainly wasn’t the dynamo I’d anticipated being. Oh, and I’m fighting down an infection (not serious enough to stop me writing, but definitely left me dragging).

So while I’m maybe a couple of chapters off … I doubt I’ll get there (I might try wrapping it up Sunday, but weekend work is always iffy). On the plus side, I was worried my dead end really was a complete dead end, that I’d gone off the rails and still didn’t have an ending. That’s no longer an issue.

I did accomplish roughly two-thirds of my goals for December, but almost all of them were personal, not writing goals. But after all I did have a week off dealing with the funeral, and the week before wasn’t terribly focused either. So I think I can be forgiving.

And for no particular reason, here’s a Powers cover to wrap up the post. All rights remain with current holder.




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