Media covering white people, and other links (#SFWApro)

It’s now a staple criticism from leftwing blogs about the media’s determination to get inside the heads of Trump voters. Why did they vote for him? Why do they vote for him now? Which is not a bad thing per se, but as Echidne of the snakes has pointed out, we’re not seeing similar focus on the minds of struggling black communities or people who voted for Clinton. Echidne also points out something newspapers ignore when writing about white working-class towns of Trump supporters.

The NYT writes an article dramatizing that Nazis are just regular people with insane political belief. I actually suspect there are people who don’t realize this (the idea that really evil people have mundane lives is sometimes hard to grasp) but Echidne argues the article fails its stated purpose — and that the writer completely missed the role of the Internet in radicalizing this guy. Splinter News makes the same point, and adds more points.

Fred Clark says white evangelism siding with white supremacy is both a sin of omission and of commission. No More Nice Blog points out there’s little hope of Democrats compromising with white religious conservatives for the same reason. But that won’t stop pundits from recommending it as they’ve been doing since the 1990s, because Dems must always move to the center while Repubs keep running to the right.

I’ve written before about how “political correctness” is sometimes a euphemism for “they object to me being a jerk.” Case in point, Donald Trump. But Mollie Hemingway argues no, calling Sen. Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” is totally not racist.

Unsurprisingly, religious right activists are heading to Alabama to save Roy Moore from the gay conspiracy.

Now here’s a terrible idea from business: instead of tipping employees, customers give them favorable reviews which can be converted to e-coins in the company store.

G. Willow Wilson almost quits writing for Marvel over plans for product placement by drone manufacturers.

For some right-wingers electing anyone who’s not a white male is identity politics.

I remember one now-unfriended rape apologist Trump supporter on FB claimed Trump didn’t have to know the issues because he’ll appoint the best people. Trump’s nominee for the EPA Science Advisory Board thinks the air is too clean to be healthy.

So right-wing bullshit artist James O’Keefe tried to trick the WaPo into swallowing a false accusation against Roy Moore (to prove they don’t give a crap about truth). The Post saw through it. But that doesn’t stop right-wing pundits from claiming an O’Keefe victory.

Matt Lauer has been fired from the Today Show due to charges of sexual harassment. The Mary Sue looks back at how Lauer reacted to a photographer taking an uninvited upskirt photo of Anne Hathaway. Jonah Goldberg struggles to show how exposing sexual harassment is a liberal attack on the right.

The Republican tax bill: much as they lie about it, it takes from the middle-class and gives to the rich.

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