Now that’s relaxation! (#SFWApro)

So following last Friday’s day of chores I relaxed as a I rarely do on the weekend. Outside of a couple of quick shopping trips, I did nothing productive — I barely even checked email. And I feel better for it.

Saturday TYG and I took a walk around a nearby lake, about 4.5 miles on a beautiful day, with Trixie and Plushie along of course. Then we went over to a “Friendsgiving” dinner with a bunch of TYG’s alumni friends. We had a great time, and some great food too.

Sunday, more movies. Then off to the North Carolina Museum of Art. Along with our favorite paintings, we checked out several temporary exhibits. One on rather abstract paintings of disasters; a photo exhibit; and a collection of fashion from years of the Ebony Fair, which I know now was a big deal for many years. Illustrations below.

NCMA also periodically brings other photos out of storage in its main collection. I haven’t seen The Meat Stall by Pieter Aertsen before this

By Monday, I felt amazingly refreshed, though I think it’s largely worn off now. I really should try to do more weekends like that.

Photos are mine. All rights to what I photographed remains with current holders.


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