Perhaps we should call Trumpcare Tillis-care? Burrcare?

In the multiple letters I have written to NC Senators Thom Tillis and Richard Burr I have said, repeatedly, that if they showed some basic decency and didn’t support the various iterations of Trumpcare, I wouldn’t have to rip into them on social media. But they did, so I am. I will give Tillis credit for actually responding to my letters where Burr has remained utterly silent (like a lot of Repubs they’re avoiding constituents). Unfortunately Tillis doesn’t spew anything but bullshit.

He’s made the same arguments in every answering email: Obamacare is on the brink of collapse. Financially it places a strain on lots of individuals who have to obey the individual mandate and buy insurance. “Even some of Obamacare’s strongest supporters have acknowledged that the law has fundamental flaws that must be addressed …”

And that’s certainly true (of course some of those flaws are the result of Republicans refusing to accept the law’s expanded Medicaid option, which would have made healthcare much more affordable for people at the bottom of the economic pyramid). We need more generous subsidies — one of Obama’s biggest mistakes may have been trying to sensibly budget the law rather than just going ahead and budgeting what was needed. It’s not like Republicans give a flying crap about the deficit (Reagan and W both set records for federal red ink) so there’s no reason to treat them as if they do (it’s not like they could have opposed it more than they did).

But none of the bills passed so far would have done that. None of them would have “improved health care outcomes for hardworking Americans by controlling costs and providing access to affordable care” which is what Tillis claims he wants done. Some versions make discrimination against people with pre-existing conditions easier. Millions of people would lose insurance under them, and the most recent bill backed by Lindsey Graham (who admits his ignorance on the topic)and co-written by Rick Santorum would have been disastrous for women’s health.

Tillis and Burr voted for them anyway. Tillis spoke favorably of the Cassidy-Graham proposal. He seems to think if he keeps telling me “obamacare has failed!” I won’t notice that he’s making things worse.

Oh, and Katy Talento, a former advisor to Tillis is reputedly a prime mover in Trump’s budget cutting funds for birth control in favor of teaching the rhythm method. Because even though abortion rates are down and contraceptive use is part of that, stopping the supposed modern-day holocaust of abortion isn’t as important as stopping women having sexwithout consequences!

Here’s more of Trump continuing the Republican war on women. And a profile of Vice President Mike Pence who probably looks at The Handmaid’s Tale and notes all the cool ideas to implement. As I mentioned last week, if Hilary Clinton had become president and refused to meet alone with members of the opposite sex, the right-wing would have had a shit-fit.

Amazing that at this point in Obama’s presidency, the worst attack Fox News could think of was of his eating habits.


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