Time got away from me (#SFWApro)

Yesterday we got a new king-size bed that will hopefully be better suited for TYG, me and the dogs to share than our queen-size.

Then we did some shopping.

Then we went to a party.

So no time to write a book review post.

So instead here’s a look at my new display shelves for things I’ve written/been published in. Originally everything was squeezed onto the top shelves, but I moved all our medical nonfiction from the second shelf elsewhere (over with the science stuff) to give my ego — er, my genius — more space to strut its stuff.


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2 responses to “Time got away from me (#SFWApro)

  1. King-size beds are awesome. You’ll feel like you’re sleeping in a hotel! Great photo of your books!

  2. Thanks! yes, it’s amazing how much space we have in the bed now.

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