Despite a couple of setbacks, a good week (#SFWApro)

Setback one: as our dogs don’t get vaccine boosters until this weekend, we couldn’t take them to doggie day care this week, so I lost my day of freedom from the pups.

Setback two, had not one but two contractors to deal with: a heat pump checkup (we’re fine) and a bathroom drain problem (fixed!).

Setback Three, had to take Trixie into the vet Monday, with

So what got accomplished?

First, I got another Screen Rant done to tie in with next week’s Flash season premiere: 15 times Flash teamed up with his foes. For example the scene below in which the ghosts of several dead Flash villains unexpectedly help Flash take down the (also dead) Flash foe the Top.  Art by Paul C. Ryan, all rights remain with current holder.

I finished another draft of Undead Sexist Cliches. Later this month I hope to reread it and figure out what to change for the next draft, but that might have to wait until November.

I got another 7,000 words done on Southern Discomforts, so I’m on track for this month’s word count. The story has already changing from my “final” outline, but hopefully for the better. One of the supporting characters will, I think, be the one to reflect the changes in Pharisee as the power of the McAlisters wanes. However I’ll really have to watch all my minor characters — I plotted out mini-arcs for several supporting characters and the further away I get from the outline the more I’ll lose track. I also did some research reading, which I’ll review this weekend.

While I completed my thirty-five hours of writing for the week, it was more of a strain than usual. As usually happens when the weather cools, I’m sleeping much better. Sometimes oversleeping, though that’s easy to fix by setting an alarm. But I think I’ve underestimated how much waking up early some mornings helped me meet my goals — I definitely prefer getting a good night’s sleep, but I no longer have the margin of error waking up at 2:30 AM Monday and not getting back to sleep gave me. I’ll have to be more mindful of my time, and this week I wasn’t — things like Trixie coming down to join me earlier than usual and demanding petting kept throwing me off my game (she’s so cute — just look below — and sometimes so needy).  And although we didn’t have any long walks, Plush dawdled enough (Smell Everything! Chewe Every Stick!) that it took longer than planned.

While I don’t want to live in isolation, having time to work by myself really helps get things done.

On the plus side, even when I was bog tired the morning after going out with the writers’ group, I resisted the impulse to just blog and count that toward work time. More precisely, I’m only allowing myself a limited amount of blogging and email time to count as work time — a necessary step because email has been sucking up a lot more time lately (Screen Rant’s Google Groups list has a lot of discussion). That’s definitely going to help with my productivity.

So on that cheery note, adieu to the week.

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