Time management is much easier in splendid isolation (#SFWApro)

I do not, however, want splendid isolation. Splendid isolation is not actually splendid. I’m much happier living a life full of TYG and the puppies. But there’s no question, it can make time management tougher.

Monday, for example, was a relatively cool day. Trixie and Plushie decided they wanted a long walk, so I complied (they’re fat. I’m never going to turn down a long walk if they want one). That wound up cutting an extra hour out of my work day. Today wasn’t quite as bad but it still took extra time. I tried making it up in the evenings, but between chatting with TYG and playing with Trixie, it wasn’t very productive time (yes, I could go upstairs and work in private; no, I don’t want to)>

I fell a couple of hours short of my hours for the week, which was better than I did last week. And I didn’t let the lost time tempt me into goofing off extra.

I did hit my 25,000-word goal for this month’s work on Southern Discomfort, but didn’t get any further in replotting the end.

I submitted my next Screen Rant piece, focusing on deleted scenes from DC movies (everything from the Chris Reeves Superman to A History of Violence)

I did a quick proof of the edited version of Backstage With the Hypothetical Dead, my short story coming out next month.

I completed a redraft of Angels Hate This Man. It’s still a mess, but I figured out what’s really going on behind the scenes at Rev. Lagerholt’s megachurch. That should be a big help with the next draft.

I also finished a draft of Trouble and Glass. It’s a mess of a different sort — the plot and story arc are actually there, but it’s a very bad story arc. However I have all the elements in place, now I just ahve to rearrange them.

And after several months of hitting 50 percent of my goals, for September I’ll be around 66 percent (specifics varying depending on how tomorrow plays out). So all in all, a satisfactory week.

On a minor note, I picked up a cheap paper journal. While doing most planning and goal-setting on my computer works great, coming up with new “hmm, what if I tried this?” approaches doesn’t work so well. So I’m going to see if writing stuff down with a pen jars a few ideas loose.

Cover by Ernie Chan, all rights remain with current holder.


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