Movies: superheroes, supervillains, a road warrior and road victims (#SFWApro)

BATMAN V. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE (2016) was the Man of Steel sequel in which “Batfleck” and Superman take a mutual dislike to each other (Can’t Trust the Alien! Can’t Trust the Lawbreaking Vigilante!), a situation exploited by Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor. While I didn’t find it quite as awful as its predecessor, and it does do a good job setting up more of the DC movie universe (most notably Wonder Woman, of course), it’s pretty bad. Lots of portentious dialog about whether we can trust Superman, and whether superheroes should abide by the rule of law (faux realism, since it never actually changes anythng), a forced effort to squeeze in Doomsday and oh dear Lord, Eisenberg is ANNOYING!!! His constant babbling banter is meant to be … well I’m not sure what the point was, but he comes off like a seven year old fed great dollops of coffee. Wastes a lot of talent including Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne and Jeremy Irons. “Day vs. Night — Son of Krypton vs. Man of Gotham!”

SUICIDE SQUAD (2016) worked a lot better, but still doesn’t really work. The movie takes the premise of the 1980s series — bad guys coerced into working as deniable government agents — but it would have made more sense to be handling one of the dirty Mission Impossible-type jobs they did in much of the series rather than a Ghostbusters knockoff battle with the Enchantress. And despite being bad guys, the Squad don’t come off that different from any other rag-tag movie misfits who finally make it good. Margot Robbie is fun as Harley Quinn though. Cover by Howard Chaykin all rights remain with current holder. “If this man kills me, I want you to kill him — and then clean my browser disk.”

THE ROAD WARRIOR (1981) is one of those landmark films that loses some of its punch with time — the images and style have been copied and cloned so much (not to mention two sequels), it’s no longer as awesome as first run. Still, it’s a very good film with Mel Gibson as the lone ranger of post-apocalyptic Australia, helping one small outpost of civilization escape the marauding attack of Lord Humongous and his army. Well worth rewatching. “You’re a scavenger, Max — you’re a maggot, living off the corpse of the old world.”

HOME (2008) stars Isabelle Huppert as the mom of an eccentric family whose idyllic but quirky life next to abandoned stretch of freeway becomes less idyllic when the local government finally completes it, making even a trip to the nearest store a life-threatening challenge. This is remarkably low-key (I can’t imagine an American version without a massive traffic accident or serious injury to one of the characters) but it works — up until the rather deus ex machina ending. “Psychomotor deterioration, sleeplessness, infertility — I looked it up.”


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  1. I re-watched Batman v Superman this weekend after watching Wonder Woman for the first time. Eisenberg was extremely annoying, and I think the Doomsday segment should have been a completely separate film. Also kind of hard to swallow the whole B vs. S battle hinging the coincidence as it does.

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