Psychic plants and lechers: this week’s movie (#SFWApro)

Not much to review, due to my busy weekend.

THE KIRLIAN WITNESS (1978), late rereleased as The Plants Are Watching (all rights to image remain with current holder) was a surprisingly good low-budget thriller, given its premise is the pseudoscientific claim that plants are sentient and react emotionally to the people around them. So when a woman’s green-thumbed sister winds up murdered on the roof, next to one of her plants, the woman wonders if the plant might be able to tell her … Had to buy this on DVD to see it, but I don’t regret it. “I’ve achieved a closer rapport than I ever thought possible.”

COMMUTER HUSBANDS (1974) was a 1974 British sex romp, but “romp” is probably generous — it’s a clunky anthology about straying husbands that lost me midway through the second segment. Oh well.

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