Last weekend: Chores and writing (#SFWApro)

It was a good, if busy weekend.

Normally my approach to tasks of one sort or another — cleaning, paperwork, errands — is to dole them out in little bits each day. That hasn’t worked so well lately what with dog crises and the intense heat (bicycling to run out on errands has been a no-go). So last Saturday I set out to wrap up as many as I could.

  • Mailing off some paperwork to the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation, which is responsible for my Freedom Communications pension now that Freedom went belly up.
  • Picking up dog food. I wanted to get a replacement dog toy too — Trixie’s favorite ball probably won’t last too much longer — but they were out.
  • Replacing light bulbs. Got one set, the other (from before we bought the house) is apparently a specialty item we’ll have to hit a lighting store for.
  • And the library, picking up some interlibrary loans for research.

Then Sunday I had a writer’s work day at my house. Normally Allegra, one of the other members of the group, hosts these, but she was slammed this month, so I took it up. We had a small turnout (four people) but it was cool: extra writing time, food, conversation, petting puppies (who can resist?).

Unfortunately this lovely, productive weekend didn’t translate into a wave of energy during the week, as my week in review post will discuss …

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