Confounded by the Cone of Shame (#SFWApro)

I was pumped when I got up Monday morning.

Once I finished the GoBankingRates article and one for Screen Rant (the Sinister Six one) I could do personal stuff the rest of the week. Submit some stories.Rewrite two, maybe three. Finally get Atlas Shagged submitted to Draft2Digital. Work on a couple of other things.

Then TYG texted me that Plushie had been bitten, but it hadn’t broken the skin.

Then we got home and discovered it had broken the skin — Plush was bleeding on the tail. Apparently he’d run up to another dog which had responded aggressively and when Plush ran back to TYG, the other dog nipped him.

So we spent most of Monday morning at the vet, and as you can now see, Plushie’s in the cone of shame to stop him chewing on the staple in his tail. It’ll be like that until next Friday when we get it removed.

I’d never realized how awkward the cone is — it’s very hard for Plush to move through the house without snagging it on something, which he hates. He’s such a small dog even the floor can snag him if he looks down for a second. It’s also hard to eat or drink anything. This makes caring for him … challenging. And work is even more challenging. As you can see, when he lies on my lap the cone blocks my normal writing space (for various reasons the right side of me doesn’t work well either).

So suffice to say, I didn’t have the glorious work week I’d been anticipating. Plus I’m sleeping on the couch because Plush and a cone doesn’t fit comfortably into a bed with two adults and Trixie (who sleeps down with me so she doesn’t gnaw on the bite site either).

As I mentioned this morning, I did get Atlas Shagged published. I rewrote Angels Hate This Man! though the ending makes no sense. And I got those two articles done. Other than that it was just blogging (which takes relatively little concentration) and odds and ends.

Big sigh. And we’ll probably be doing this next week, though there’s a slight chance we can take the cone off earlier than Friday. That would be nice.


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