I don’t quite get cover reveals but as I have a cover to reveal … (#SFWApro)

But I don’t know if it counts as a cover reveal when the book is out. Yep, Atlas Shagged (a parody) and Other Comedies, my new collection of previously published short stories (with the exception of the title story, which is new) is now available from retailers (not Amazon, but if I put it into paperback it’ll be out from CreateSpace).

The cover is from Atlas and the Hesperides by John Singer Sargent, a public domain painting (obtained courtesy of Wikicommons).

The contents:

  • Atlas Shagged. What happens when “Big Johnson” Galt stops the motor of the world — Internet porn?
  • The Wodehouse Murder Case. A mage who writes mystery novels on the side gets caught up in a real-life mystery.
  • The Sword of Darcy. When swaggering barbarian Robert Howard Darcy romances proper Englishwoman Elizabeth Bennett, will his pride and her prejudice keep them apart?
  • Dark Satanic Mills. A plucky small-town Satanist tries to make a career in the world of big-city Satanic lifestyle magazines.
  • Uneasy Lies the Head That Wears the Clown. From financial shark to clown in just one easy step.

Links are to Story Behind the Story blog posts from when they originally came out. Atlas Shagged and Dark Satanic Mills I’ll cover in entries next week.


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