Assorted links, some of which relate to President Shit-Gibbon.

If the system is rigged in ways that benefit the upper middle classes and higher, is the solution helping the poor compete better? At the link, Rachel Cohen argues no — true, we can’t fit more than one-fifth of America in the top 20 percent, but we can see the bottom 80 percent have adequate food, medical care, etc. LGM adds that it will take active government intervention to balance the scales.

•Russia has tried intervening in US elections before. But this is the first time they’ve done it for the candidate they considered the dangerous, unstable one.

•The Secret Service has to protect Trump Tower, but Trump is charging them higher rent than they can afford. Makes me sympathize with the theory that Trump wants to stick in office because he can make so much damn money as president.

•Trump speculated about launching his own news network or website if he lost the election. He won, but that’s pretty much what he’s doing.

•Remember Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk who refused to validate gay marriages? Her legal fees are $224,000 and the taxpayers are on the hook for it. Her lawyer explains it’s the state’s fault for not letting her refuse.

•The NRA used to whip people up about Clintonbama Coming For Your Guns! Now they’re just whipping people up — perhaps because their sponsors in the gun industry like it when people rush out to buy.

•Kansas Governor Sam Brownback has been nominated as the US religious freedom ambassador. He’s not a fan of religious freedom.

•Trump may not be tight with the Republican Party, but he’s still a Republican conservative. The Republicans would rather forget that. But they’re still supporting him. After all, if a crazy idiot can get them a Birther as federal judge, what’s not to like?

•Likewise, as the anti-Semites start crawling from the woodwork, I wouldn’t bet on Republicans objecting to their support.

•A lawsuit charges that Fox News concoted the Seth Rich — Murdered! story with White House help. Likewise NW Florida Senator Matt Gaetz wrote an amendment for a bill based on material taken from an alt.right conspiracy website. But trying to write political paranoia about the Clintons into law will only help him with voters back in my old stomping grounds, much like his bid to abolish the EPA. However Trump is not necessarily more politically paranoid or conspiracy-theorist than the typical Republican.

•Trump seems determined to break our nuclear agreement with Iran.

•One of the points of White Flight was that the end of segregation was the birth of right-wing opposition to state schools or government spending on just about anything that might benefit blacks. But conservatives hate hearing that.

•Turns out some people are convinced black Americans get to attend college free.

•Jared Kushner’s insights into our efforts to bring peace to the Middle East: we haven’t succeeded. That’s some impressive smartitude, guy.

•The right-wing war on abortion is doing damage to women’s health that won’t be easy to fix.

•According to Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade, Trump’s newest cabinet picks show he’s a man’s man. It’s meant as a compliment.

•Let’s end on a cheerful note: Martin Skrelli, the pharma executive who hikes the price of lifesaving drugs has been found guilty of securities fraud.

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