Today, in Republicans making women more miserable (#SFWApro)

Candice Jackson is the new acting secretary for civil rights under Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. And she’s a rape apologist who believes 90 percent of campus rape cases are drunken hookups, thinks that sexual harassment laws ignore how hard it is to define harassment (it’s soooo hard to tell if an advance is unwanted, amiright?), and (surprise!) that liberals shouldn’t place so much emphasis on looking out for women and people of color. And (again, surprise!) supported the women who accused Bill Clinton of rape and harassment but thinks the women who accuse Trump are lying.

She’ll fit in at Education. DeVos herself seems very concerned that Obama’s policies on how colleges report sexual harassment are unfair to the accused. Which is not bad per se, but worrying about the accused frequently veers into rape apologism. As witness she’s meeting with people who fret about the supposed epidemic of false rape accusations (I bet George Will is thrilled), and ignores that Obama wasn’t trying to persecute men, just force colleges to do better.

Over in Arkansas, State Rep. and Christian Taliban Kim Hammer has sponsored a bill about disposing of fetal remains post-abortion, which would have to be done with the father’s agreement. Which would potentially require rape victims to notify their rapist about the abortion and possibly allow the rapist to block the abortion. Hammer says of course that’s not how it will work, and he doesn’t want it to work that way, but I notice he’s not trying to clarify the language. And he is very, very anti-abortion, so I think he’s lying. Or parsing finely — sure he’d be fine with a real rape victim getting an exemption, but some slut who’s just making it up? Nah (I should note this is a guess and not based on Hammer’s statements).

The ACLU is suing to stop the bill. I wish them luck.

Oh, and back at the federal level the Trump administration is unsurprisingly big on funding abstinence education and not contraception. And the latest incarnation of Trumpcare is still awful for women’s health, among other abominations (for example, the Senate version once again protects Congress and its staff from any penalties for pre-existing conditions). Sen. Ted Cruz is partly responsible for the new draft, and Cruz, as you may remember, thinks as long as men can buy condoms, women’s birth control is totally taken care of.

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