The hive of scum and villainy gets more wretched

Starting with our new Supreme Court Justice, Neil Gorsuch. It seems Arkansas allows a woman who conceives via artificial insemination to list herself and her spouse as birth parents — unless the spouse is another woman. The Supremes said bad Arkansas, but Gorsuch not only dissented, he lied and said Arkansas did allow the spouse to be listed. This is probably a bad omen for an upcoming wedding-cake case.

•Trump’s new voter-suppression — oh, sorry, election integrity commission — is stuffed with people who are short on integrity, long on racism

•Chief Justice John Roberts, meanwhile (and the majority of the court) think tax money going to a church is just fine.

•Then we have the scummy hive of the NRA. All through the Obama years they drummed up gun sales by warning OBAMA WILL TAKE YOUR GUNS!!!! Now they’re going on full-on political paranoid — liberals control the media, the schools, they’re lying and making our glorious leader look bad! Buy guns to stop them! As noted at the link, if this were Black Lives Matter, the right would be screeching about how it’s an incitement to race war. Of course, screeching about how liberals/black presidents/immigrants are destroying America is standard NRA ranting.

•As for making our president look bad, President Shit-Gibbon’s doing a great job of that. And again. The Texas Republican who doesn’t think he has any X chromosomes ain’t doing much good for the Republican image either. And the rest of the party’s just as bad.

•Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow drums up millions in donations to line his pocket — er, I’m sorry, to fight against things like Obamacare allowing Planned Parenthood to have abortion-referral offices in schools (no, it didn’t). Slacktivist adds some perspective (which doesn’t make Sekulow look better).

•The TSA may start demanding you pull out your reading material when you fly. As the ACLU says, even though we have the right to read anything we want, the TSA might disagree. Or we could simply be embarrassed to have our books in plain view.

•Oklahoma passes a bill that makes abortion a felony.

•Transunion mistakenly listed a number of people as suspected terrorists or drug traffickers on credit reports.

•Slacktivist looks at how Christian nationalism and white nationalism overlap.

•Right-winger Jonah Goldberg insists there’s no proof that taking away people’s insurance with Trumpcare would lead to deaths. We can’t know being able to access medical care makes people live longer (yes, it does)! And besides (says the writer who equates liberals to Nazis) saying so is just soooo mean. I’m sure they’ll say the same if the Repubs go ahead with Trump’s latest proposal — repeal but don’t replace.

•The Shit-Gibbon tweeted recently about how he turned away an unfriendly journalist (female, of course) bleeding from a facelift. At the link, Michelle Goldberg looks at how Trump’s misogyny keeps bubbling out. Media Matters points out it’s par for the course (hat tip to Echidne).  I wonder if this is why an acquaintance of mine posted about how he loves Trump for “speaking his mind” when he tweets. I’m willing to bet he didn’t applaud Ana Navarro for speaking hers about Trump. Or the Twitter responses to his facelift crack (“Every time someone says the president is a child or a toddler all I can think of is I’ve never met a child who’s this much of a dick.”).

Alex Pareene makes an important point: While Trump is a horrible president, his bad policies and judicial appointments are no different from any other Republican. W appointed incompetents. W gutted state-level regulations (while mouthing ritual reverence for State’s Rights). Anyone who beat Trump for the nomination would have favored killing the AHCA, slashing taxes on millionaires and destroying the EPA. It’s a Republican hive of scum and villainy — in fact that’s kind of redundant, isn’t it?

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