Let’s link to sexism (and the fight against it)

LGM points out that some people support restricting abortion because they don’t like some of the reasons for getting one. But the trouble is, the regulations the forced-birthers promote affect all women, regardless of their motive. Case in point, Texas is poised to ban second-trimester abortions. And Trump’s judicial picks think abortion is like slavery.

•In the age of Trump, not insulting women = political correctness. And is therefore objectionable.

•”A competent woman losing a job to an incompetent man is not an anomalous Election Day surprise; it is Tuesday in America.” And the sexism continues with the declarations failed presidential candidates must disappear from public life.

•Classic comics covers redone with Wonder Woman. And the Mary Sue applauds the movie for its handling of Steve/Diana.

•Misogynists insist men shouldn’t like women because women are all ugly. And there only value is as vessels for men’s seed.

•Some students accepted to Harvard who posted inappropriate memes (sexual assault, yay! hanging Mexicans, cool!) to Facebook have had their acceptance letters revoked.

•Samantha Field attests that The Handmaid’s Tale isn’t a straw man — it’s what some conservatives want.

•One columnist argues that Bill Cosby is just a whipping boy for women who’ve been treated badly by men. And Cosby can’t possibly be a bad person because he was so nice on The Cosby ShowShe’s not the only one still defending Cosby.

•After a passenger accused an Uber driver of rape, a company executive got her medical records and showed them to colleagues.

•”Female is not a design flaw.” JK Rowling rips into a liberal man for calling UK leader Teresa May a whore. I’m in total agreement.

•Echidne of the Snakes looks at Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte’s fondness for rape jokes.

•Black Girl Nerds argues the point of Wonder Woman sparing Dr. Poison in Wonder Woman is that white women get a free pass.

•In the misogynist world, fat women have it so much easier than fat guys. But the good news is that with women’s rights having gone to such an extreme, the pendulum will soon swing back to raping women with impunity.

•Sen. Kamala Harris questioned Jeff Sessions during a Congressional hearing. According to Trump ex-lackey Jason Miller, Harris’ questioning was clearly hysterical.

•A TV televangelist (Jan Crouch) has been found guilty of covering up her granddaughter’s rape.


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2 responses to “Let’s link to sexism (and the fight against it)

  1. OwnShadow

    I’d like to be a misogynist but my wife won’t let me.

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