To piss off liberals

So during one argument on FB not long after the election, one of the Trump voters involved informed me with glee that he voted for Trump just because Trump winning would piss off liberals. And Trump won so Mission Accomplished!

Even before Trump’s election, I was aware of this strain of right-wing thought. But following Trump yanking the US out of the Paris Accord on climate change, several bloggers and pundits have pointed out how even more deep-rooted it’s become on the right — and that it’s almost their primary policy goal. Will the policy piss off liberals? Then it’s good! Will it undo something the evil Kenyan usurper accomplished? Ditto!

Paul Krugman, for example, says opposition to climate change is driven by sheer spite: “Don’t tell me that it’s about coal miners. Anyone who really cared about those miners would be crusading to protect their health, disability and pension benefits, and trying to provide alternative employment opportunities — not pretending that environmental irresponsibility will somehow bring back jobs lost to strip mining and mountaintop removal.”

In fairness, other policy motivators include a passion for an oligarchy where corporations are free of any restraint or regulation, can pollute wherever they will and rich people are free of all those onerous taxes while still getting government services. And Trump’s policy motivations include being a shit-gibbon who sees even terrorist attacks as proof of his own awesomeness.

In other news:

•Slacktivist mocks the idea that we shouldn’t worry about climate change because the end times will happen soon. Because it’s not like the people who claim this are ignoring the future in other aspects of life — not contributing to their 401k, telling their kids not to bother with school. It’s just on this issue.

•Given how bad the Trump administration continues to be, it’s not surprising the media get some flak for focusing on Clinton’s emails rather than Trump’s well, everything. So the response from reporter Chris Cillizza is that Russian interference and Comey’s warnings about Clinton investigations are just standard shit that happens. If Clinton had been a better candidate, she’d have gotten past them. Scott Lemieux’s response is that the media needs more flak, not less.

•On the plus side, some right-wing pundits are floundering as they try to figure out where to stand in the era of President Shit-Gibbon. And Breitbart’s page views and traffic have taken a hit, as it’s concentrating a lot of energy on defending Trump rather than lashing out at the opposition.

New Republic argues that Ivanka Trump’s pretense she’s a moderating voice in Trump’s world have collapsed.

•Remember the guys in Portland who got stabbed trying to protect a couple of Muslim women from harassment? A men’s rights activist draws what he thinks is the obvious conclusion: chivalry oppresses men. An Oregon Republican says the real threat is attacks on conservatives and he wants far-right groups to provide Republicans with security.

•Another white supremacist killing of a person of color. And here’s another right-wing plot.

•Kevin Williamson of National Review devoted a post-election column to explaining that poor people should just suck it up if life doesn’t turn out like you expect. He has a different standard for disappointed rich people.

•So last year a retired cop shot and killed a man in a movie theater, allegedly for texting. The cop’s defense: he was in fear for his life.


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2 responses to “To piss off liberals

  1. Because it’s not like the people who claim this are ignoring the future in other aspects of life — not contributing to their 401k, telling their kids not to bother with school.

    Well, I have known some members of a certain apocalyptic group who have told their kids not to pursue higher education or invest in property because we are living in the Last Days. However, said group explicitly does not vote or take part in politics.

    • I know there are some genuine true believers. But as Slacktivist pointed out, there are also apocalypse-predicting ministers who are training their kids to take over their ministry.

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